Friday, June 30, 2017

We left Harrison Hot Springs a bit earlier than expected due to our ride mate (for the next two days) Rick McDougall, B's elder brother, being super eager to get going. What fun!

We had such a nice day, and a great and interesting ride due to Rick being with us. Thx bro! Y loved the ride as she usually doesn't get to ride so fast! We also got a few photos of ourselves that we don't usually get, as there was a third person there.

Our destination was brother Rick and wife Maureen's house and a McDougall family dinner, so speed was of the essence. It was also a perfect ride day, with a breeze at our back and a lovely downhill along the river ride. We arrived at our destination about an hour before expected (so, time for a nap before dinner).
We were happy to see nephews Sean and Matt and, niece by Matt, Kari (and pup Ellie) for a fun "Canada Day Eve" dinner. We are so excited for our final leg tomorrow into Mile 0 in Victoria.

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