We are inspired in our cycling practices by a book called Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike by Grant Peterson.

One of his points is that one should be able to just get on a bike the way one did as a kid and just ride. No special bike, no special shorts, no special shirt, no special shoes. We are not in the "Tour de France", folks, never will be. We just ride.

And so goes our attire. Comfortable runners (also for walking). Comfortable pants (also for the observer). Breezy shirts. Pretty much the same as we would wear for a stroll or a canoe trip.

- Shirts are Button Short Sleeve that have a Seersucker weave that lifts some of the material off the skin. You can have more breeze blowing through depending on how many buttons are done up and if the tails are flapping or tucked in. The material is a synthetic blend that dries fast and is light weight.
- Pants and shorts again are lightweight synthetic that dry fast.
- Shoes are just tough leather runners that give arch support and with orthotic adjustment for knee alignment.


- Shirts are Button Sleeveless made of lightweight natural fibres.

- Pants and shorts are slightly snug (for slipping on the saddle) zippered cotton or quick dry synthetic.
- Shoes are hand stitched leather runners with orthotic adjustment for knee alignment.


- Rain gear is Helly Hansen 100% water proof foul weather gear. Maggie has an upgrade Helly Hansen jacket for 2016 of a more visible colour.
- Undergarments are seamless cotton. All garments are kept v.clean to maintain healthy skin.

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