Things We Now Know

Shampoo is great at removing bike grease from fingers and clothing (hotel sample of  Proterra shampoo conditioner seems best). Toothpaste will get bike grease off of shower stalls and walls (don't ask)

Dragonflies and grasshoppers hurt when you ride into them.

Gravel roads will happen.

The steepest grades seems to be within two blocks of the accommodation.

Shops, café, musical events, and attractions are closed when we get there.

Going to a new bike shop is about as tough as changing hairdressers.

If you go fast enough the wind is always in your face.

Only about .001% of vehichle drivers don't get it.

Roadkill in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is disproportionately unfavourable for Racoons and Porcupines. In Quebec, Skunks and Frogs are the most unfortunate. Frogs don't seem to favour well in Ontario either.

Hotel and Motel laundry can be a great source of rags for doing bike maintenance. Just ask. Cutting face cloths and hand towels into one inch strips make for handy "bike floss" - just grab the ends and drag through, then dispose.

Using a pair of binoculars backwards can give you a magnified view of the bike tire when inspecting to remove embedded glass and wire. Ask your favorite dentist for an old explorer for picking out those embedded pieces.

We learned that Albertans do not usually utter the word "wind" for fear of conjuring it up - oh, so that was our mistake. We now know that West to East is the way to do the Alberta section of a cross-Canada bike ride. If we hadn't known before, the thousands of wind turbines flinging their arms gaily to the West Wind has now confirmed this.

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