Thursday, June 29, 2017

From Manning Park to Hope was a lot of downhill gliding, but we needed to be on constant alert due to long sections of broken asphalt shoulders. Y was able to keep a slow, steady pace, even on the 9% grades due to her parachute raincoat. It works so well that she did not need to use her bicycle brakes for the speedy 40 or so Kms downhill (except for two full stops for water).

Our break in Hope was restful and we were happy to see the nice communities we went through on our way into and out of Hope as we normally just drive past en route to somewhere else. Our Hope lunch stop was Blue Moose and it was fantastic and busy!

From Hope to Harrison Hot Springs was a great bicycle along the mighty Fraser River, so slightly downhill almost all the way. Even though there were 30K wind gusts at us from the West, the downhill made the ride flow along at close to 20Kms/hr!
We arrived at Harrison an hour and a half ahead of what we expected and were thrilled to be greeted at check-in by B's brother Rick and wife Maureen! Rick is riding the 95Kms to PoCo with us Friday, and the 115Kms to Victoria with us on Saturday, and Maureen will ride the 35Kms from Swartz Bay with us, through Sidney, the Lockside Trail and the Goose to Mile 0! We were in touch with sister Sonia about our Canada Day cake, which we ordered a couple of days ago, once we were pretty sure we would make it home on Canada Day. We also looked at a schedule of some of the Canada Day events activities at the Inner Harbour in Victoria and see that a First Nations Program starts at 3:00pm and Valdy is singing Oh Canada! at 3:50pm, pretty much when we think we will be rolling by en route to Mile 0. Then, there is more music and 10:15pm fireworks (a bit past our bedtime, but we might have energy to stay up for them)!
Tonight was a gorgeous sunset evening and we even danced to "heard it on the grapevine" in the Copper Room's famous dance floor at Harrison Hot Springs.

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