Saturday, July 1, 2017

Oh goodness gracious! Misha, Francis, Diane, Louise, Sonia, Aunt Margret, Svetlana, Tim, Jim, Meredith, Janis, Jeremy, Rick, Maureen, & Andrea - we loved you being there at Mile 0!
Thank you all so much. Thank you also to pals the Atwells plus the Adams and Reids who were out of town sending us well wishes! We love you all! Sharing our Canada Day cake and flying kites was such fun (thx Sonia and Tim)!
Misha's welcome home sign brought tears to Y's eyes (thx little bud!). We were up early and ended up riding smartly due to a deadline of the 11am ferry to the Island. Lucky we did leave extra time, as we lost our route at one point due to a temporarily stopped train over our route, so we were led astray, and only were able to recover our route by "riding the rails" for a stretch and then re-tracing our tracks along the rail bed to the road we were needing. Whew! The train started moving, but at a pace slower than ours so we made it back across the tracks before the "mile and a half" train needed to roll through.
We still looked in good shape to arrive at the predicted 11am ferry by 10am, but then a sharp stone pierced Y's rear (dang-it) tire, so we needed to stop on the Whiterock to Tsawwassen dyke to change a rear flat (15 min delay/rest). We then were lost in a new housing development in Tsawwassen for a few minutes but were directed by locals to the new ferry route and were happily there by 10:30 - pretty close to when expected.
We rode in from Swartz Bay via Y's Papa's home in Sidney, the Lochside Trail and the Galloping Goose to downtown Victoria, via the pedestrian crowded Victoria Causeway and Douglas Street and arriving at Mile 0 pretty much at 4pm on Saturday, July 1st, Canada Day, 2017, Canada's 150th B-Day!
We stopped on the Blenkinsop Lake  Bridge to record 7,000Kms since St. John's Newfoundland and continued on the pleasant trail. We were met at Mile 0 by the above mentioned special people and then went ... home!

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