Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We are confirmed "hillists"! We truly enjoyed our ride up from Princeton to Manning Park. It was short, but over 1,300 meters elevation gain, so, quite possibly our most significant hill ride of our entire riding experience!
Plus, with road construction delays (for the cars and trucks, but not us) we were once again flying along without any traffic for significant intervals. Before we left Princeton, B picked up fresh batteries for our rear flashers and Y found handfuls of Canadian flags, pins, and maple "kisses".
At a break for cold beverages, Y tried out her new hairband double-flag on a display tractor (due to too much mucking about, she dropped her ice cream in the dust - oh well, likely best that way!).
At another break for apples and pepperoni, we watched a crane load concrete barrier sections onto a flatbed, and the worker told us he would not be needing our "lunch table", the concrete barrier on which we had perched our things. B lost another inner tube to road shrapnel, and we changed it on the road shoulder and enjoyed the break. The Copper Mountain mine was visible from many angles on different sections of the highway - we had no idea that it would be so enormous! We were happy to arrive in Manning Park, which feels very close to home.

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