Friday, September 2, 2016

With so few Kms to ride today, we slept in and sat and chatted together while we had breakfast and coffee (thanks Kashabowie River Kyle!). Highway 11 was as enjoyable to be on as it was the previous afternoon and early evening. The engineering is quite  different on these roads. The arch of the hills and the flats in between are easier to bicycle, as the scale of the hills enables one to easily peddle half way up with momentum from the previous downhill or flat. Also, as few transport trucks use Highway 11, the shoulders are in reasonable condition. We had a nice pic-nic lunch by a little lake and arrived at Quetico Provincial Park about 2pm! We are at campsite #7 and the sun set is directly out from our site - setting earlier tonight as we are now in Central time zone. It is a warm dry night with no fly on our tent and the stars clearly visible above.


  1. Hi from the Moskal's now home in WI after 2.5 weeks on Lakes Superior and Eagle. I love your blog and pics. On our last evening 9/2 at B&B on the Beach we too had clear skies, lots of stars and northern lights!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. We are just waiting for our last flight home. The journey was fantastic and meeting people such as yourselves helped make it so.

    Cheers y&b