Wednesday, August 17, 2016

From Sturgeon Falls we rode along a lovely riverside for quite some time and saw a beaver dam and then sandhill cranes at our lunch stop (Kate's Kountry Kitchen). The hostess told us we just missed seeing a trio of black bears. Y picked up some sweet little crochet butterflies and was tempted to get some of the other crafts and preserves, but we have so little spare room in our panniers. Shortly after lunch we saw a funny sight at a farm, where the cows were keeping cool in front of the barn exhaust fans. We intended to upload photos and text to our Blog at the hotel in Sudbury, but ended up in the middle of a cat-in-the-hat episode when some bike grease and particulate grime ended up on the shower floor. The mess grew and grew and grew as we tried to clean it up. Finally we stopped trying and went out for a very late dinner, during which Y got the bright idea to try toothpaste. Yeah! It worked, and within about 15min the shower floor was white again! By then it was close to midnight so we called it a night.


  1. The crocheted butterflies are lovely! Are they free to fly or do they have magnets or pins attached? My connection is that I have been crocheting a lot of little colourful "Sea Stars" as hair accessories. - J.McD.